Naniwa Mochi

Founded back in 1881, Naniwa-mochi is a fourth-generation Japanese confectionary shop with a long history which has an established reputation for careful work and reliable technique to bring out the best of the ingredients. Offering traditional food such as Mochi(race cake), Sekihan(steamed rice with red beans) and Manju(sweet bun) on celebratory occasions, Naniwa-mochi has become deeply ingrained in the local people’s lives.

Seasonal Jonamagashi(Japanese fresh confections) having a sophisticated taste is often ordered not only for a present but also for a tea party. Kazuyuki Yamamura, the forth-generation owner, is a veteran craftsman with 20 years’ experience representing the long-established company supported by his family. His wife Mika worked in the hospitality industry for 3 years and began to help her husband on a full-scale operation in 2017. Aside from focusing on information transmission utilizing SNS, she is dedicated to her passion in new product development with her husband.

Daifuku-mochi(a kind of rice cake) stuffed with Amanatsu(Chinese citrus) from Hiroshima was developed in 2018 as a flagship product of summer lined up with a Strawberry Daifuku-mochi which has been the winters’ standard. The balanced taste and texture are pursued by peeling even the thin skin of fruits in a convincing manner. In autumn, Grape Daifuku-mochi was born as well. Together with Daifuku-mochi, Joyo-Manju is a typical confectionary of this shop made of black and white yam pastes and its Maccha taste has been newly added lately.

In 2018 its shop curtain was renewed with a rabbit turned blight red-on-white to be intrigued from a distance. This design contains a wish of making the next leap of this loved and familiarized shop by the locals.

Shop Information

Address: Abeno-motomachi 3-19, Abeno-ku, Osaka
Phone call: +81 (0)6-6622-4043
Open hour:
8:00AM – 7:00PM
Closed irregularly

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