Restaurant&Bar DJANGO

Since its founding in 2012, DJANGO has become the representative diner of Abeno district. Inside the shop which was handmade into details by the owner, you can see heaped vegetables fresh from the kitchen garden on the counter, hearing a song of Bob Dylan.

With such a novelty, not a few people have opened the heavy door out of curiosity. For 6 years, DJANGO has become attached to the local people by offering excitement, joy and relaxation to their daily lives.

Jack, the owner of this shop, says “Please drop in as if you were coming to a concert.” Going somewhere to eat  is similar to spinning a record which you want to listen to. When going to a concert, you should expect how the musician entertains you. DJANGO will meet your expectation by giving exciting unpredictability. Although there is a basic menu, the food materials often change according to casual conversations between the owner and guests by adding seasonal ingredients or making some adjustments that match the day’s mood.

Homemade Bagel has been a standard product since its opening. A roasted wheat embryo is added to the wheat flour, resulting in bringing out a fragrant smell and a slight sweetness, which go very well with drinks.
Being fascinated by the profoundness of fish dishes lately, Jack has been strived for a seafood research by purchasing fresh seafood at a fish market every morning. His enthusiasm and industriousness will surely lead to further improvement in his performance.

Shop Information

Address: Ohji-cho 2-4-11, Abeno-ku, Osaka
Phone call: +81 (0)6-6115-7955
Open hour:
Lunch 11:30AM – 3:00PM (last call at 2:30PM)
Dinner 5:30PM – 10:30PM (last call at 10:00PM)
Closed on Tuesdays and first/third Wednesdays


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